Meetings come in all shapes and sizes—impromptu brainstorming session between colleagues, scheduled meeting with a client, meeting within a room, meeting between rooms, and meeting with people in different locations. To ensure your meeting is a productive one you need to leverage every possible advantage you can get out of your existing technology investment.


At Visual AV we work with you to identify the best possible solution given your current needs, your resources and current and future requirements.   We will help you incorporate our solutions into your existing workflow environment helping you to innovate, increase productivity, make more informed decisions and significantly reduce costs.


Impromptu Brainstorming Session

We will show you how easy it is to capture the next big idea you or your colleagues may have.   


Brainstorm—Share ideas and write on documents in real-time making collaboration productive

and efficient

Annotate—Use over any documents or applications

Collaborate—Capture, save and share ideas from conversation to concept


Room to Room Collaboration

Extend your in-room or impromptu brainstorming and collaboration session from a single room to between rooms and have teams become more productive and efficient.


With our solution, your team will be more attentive and engaged. Colleagues would share complex ideas, review schematics and drawings, when they are in different rooms. We will show you how you can leverage and take advantage of your current technology and help teams consolidate information from multiple sources.


Distance Collaboration

The hardware will allow you to use it for white boarding and annotation in addition to Video conferencing or Tele presence, while the software will simply and easily capture notes, ideas and information digitally. You can instantly save and distribute everything to all team members keeping everyone up to date on important information.


If you are currently using Video conferencing or Tele-presence and would like to make your sessions more interactive, you can use our solutions to do just that. Our solutions will help you make your presentations more meaningful by adding, editing or changing them as required in real-time.













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