Interactive Collaboration


 Impromptu Brainstorming Session

We will show you how easy it is to capture the next big idea you or your colleagues may have.   

Brainstorm—Share ideas and write on documents in real-time making collaboration productive and efficient

Annotate—Use over any documents or applications

Collaborate—Capture, save and share ideas from conversation to concept




Room to Room Collaboration


Extend your in-room or impromptu brainstorming and collaboration session from a single room to between rooms and have teams become more productive and efficient.


With our solution, your team will be more attentive and engaged. Colleagues would share complex ideas, review schematics and drawings, when they are in different rooms. We will                                                                                 show you how you can leverage and take advantage of your current technology and help teams                                                                            consolidate information from multiple sources.





Collaboration between team members has never been easier.

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