Visual AV provides Interactive Collaboration products and solutions for Educational Institutions, Corporate Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Boardrooms and related facilities.

Our Interactive Collaboration Products will help you make better decisions and achieve faster results.

Whatever your industry or company size, we can help you stay ahead of the competition by communicating and collaborating with customers, partners and employees quickly and easily.  



Online Learning 

Our Partners 

Increase your productivity, reduce cost and  collaborate effectively with our wide range of hardware and software products.

Outfit 21st Century Classrooms

Every client is different. We help our clients get to the core of what their students need and develop a custom plan to accomplish their goals.

providing solutions that help all students whether they are below, above, or at grade level.


The Early Years Tilt & Touch is a great addition to any nursery or Key Stage 1 classroom with the objective of engaging EYFS learners using educational gaming software to inspire learning


Our Software has been designed specifically for teachers and includes a huge array of lesson specific titles including,

Spark, Project Flow, ClassComm,Cubeshare and Explorer.



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